Thursday, July 30, 2009

letter to Sen Claire McCaskill

Dear Senator McCaskill
I am writing to you to inform just how completely dismayed I am at your intrusions on my and many of my friends lives that you nor anybody else has the right to do so.

How about I come with you to the grocery store and tell you what you can and cannot buy, how about I come to your office and tell you what calls to answer and what pens to use and what papers to read, how about I come to your house and tell you which light switch you can use or which bathroom to use.

I know all this sounds petty and almost infintile, however this is what you and others are doing, not only to the American people but the American way of life, how dare you?!

You and others are taking my freedom to choose, my freedom of choice, what right do you have to do any of this? What right do you have to choose my doctor, my course of treatment, what right do you have to decide if I live or die? only God has that choice!!! the Government Run Health care is a disaster, look beyond your mere office, look around the world, IT HAS NOT WORKED!! EVER!!

What right do you have to decide what vehicle I drive? what right do you have to decide when I run my Heating or Air Conditioning? dont get me wrong I wish to be a good steward of this earth, under God.

"Global Warming" is nothing more than fear tactics, the only thing warming (other than people's temper) is the hotter air coming from the alarmists that should be tried and jailed for fraud.

You were elected by the grace of God to serve the people, to represent the people, however you now appear to be scared of the people, you cannot seem to be able to attend townhall meetings, or did you know that the one in St Louis was going to be tough? when will you been seen in Springfield? Somehow I doubt you will be seen in Springfield and I am resolutely positive that I am not alone in feeling wholly and thoroughly disappointed in your actions and representations of Missouri.

It is a honor to be chosen or elected by your peers to represent them as thier voice, and that honor you seem now to almost disregard.

I am also going to publish this letter on my blog at

Open Letter to John Conyers

Dear Mr Conyers (or staffer)

I sit here and shake my head at your total and complete absence of principles, duty, loyalty or patriotism!

I realize that this note will probably never get put in front of your eyes and you actually get to read it let alone physically reading it, perish the thought, so I will take the 'liberty" (look it up) to post this letter openly on my blog at

It is at such a juncture that one has to ask what on earth you are doing in DC? your comments basically tell your constituents and now the nation just how little they mean to you even though they have paid for your oh so hard a life during your time in Congress.

The State of Michigan has suffered immeasurably in this detestable economy, and you supposedly represent the State and yet you do so in this grotesque manner.

The comments you made are beyond abhorrent and you should be apologizing publicly

Many Thanks

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terrorism - what is the definition of terrorism and do you understand terrorism?

First of all most of you reading you do not understand, unless you have been face to face with terrorism or have carried out years of research you simply do not understand terrorism. Secondly the definition of terrorism can be many differing interpretations, the term "terrorism" comes from Latin terrere, "to frighten." and means for the most part premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, however please note the word ‘violence’ meaning "The act or an instance of violent action or behavior."

OK, no I am not about to start teaching you a bunch of word definitions, but I am going to open (at least hope to) your mind. Recently the American masses elected a president that is about as much use to the American people as breasts on a fish, I have made no secret of my dislike of the individual that currently holds that office, however, I did not like the previous one either, so before all the liberals start with their pathetic and infantile finger pointing they should sit down and shut up and read, they might actually learn something.

Back to terrorism, this can be in many forms, physical terrorism, like blowing things up and killing, cyber terrorism, like organised attacks on computer systems, and financial terrorism, likes of which you will not hear much of. I would also like to mention here, that all that I am about to say can AND SHOULD be researched.

The purpose of nearly all terrorism is to create fear to gain power, the question is power for who? Many people have said that the tragedy of 09-11-2001 was an inside job, I am not advocating that however, but, there is a lot of evidence to support such a theory. There is much evidence as to why UBL is still uncaptured, one reason is, although he may not be controlled, he can be incited to perform an act to create fear and gain power for those that “come and save”.

My views on the mainstream media are well documented and those sheeple that get their news only from the mainstream media don’t have the faintest idea what I am eluding to, although I would strongly recommend searching and researching the facts for yourselves, that is if you can tear yourself away from American Idol or Michael Jackson for long enough to do that research, I mean I would feel so bad if you lost this fine country because you had to see the end of American Idol!! TRANSLATED – get off your behind and find out what is really happening, DON’T take the mainstream media at face value, you WILL regret it, no I am not threatening any of you so you liberals sit your tails back down!

OK as I have consumed 480 words of your life by now so we’ll get to the bottom line, IF you truly value Freedom and Liberty and not just taken in by the pearly whites in the White House, then stand up and look for yourselves at what is really going on, not just what is going on at the surface, we can all point fingers and we can all blame (yes commenter called director I am thinking about your comment) but I implore you to look and search for the truth yourselves, don’t be influenced, manipulated and ultimately controlled by the system.

America was founded on a Constitution of power to the people and of freedom, please don’t let yourselves go down as controlled drones.
Thank you again for reading

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 2009

I was going to launch another attack on the media after sitting through a meal on Friday evening(July 3rd) in a location where there were a lot of TV screens (perhaps a mistake, but I like the food) for an hour and a half, unfortunately one of those screens was on the Clinton News Network, out of that 90 minutes at least 60 of which was about the accused child molester and baby hanger, was there no other news at this time? Like for instance a nation pointing missiles at us(and launched them Saturday), how about a tyrannical dictator killing his own people who are tired of his tyrannical actions or even the fact of a certain governor stepping down, but really what should we expect from the Contaminated No News channel, the one thing I did get from all that coverage "he is still dead!!!" but that is not where this entry is going ….

No initially I am going to talk gifts, when I first heard of Joe Biden as the Vice President my initial thought was that this long term incompetent, loose mouthed individual would be a total nightmare, however, he has turned out to be a great gift to conservatives everywhere because he is just foolish enough to say the actual none spun fact the most recent being “We Misread how bad the economy was”.
HOW BAD THE ECONOMY WAS??? Really that should be IS

So let us talk about the economy the current climate just goes to show that we have an inexperienced, naive narcissist (yeah go ahead call me a racist) in the White House. And NOW the economy can no longer be blamed on Bush, granted Bush was nowhere near a favorite of mine, not by a long shot, but the consistent blaming and finger pointing is worse than 5yr olds on the school playground, GROW UP and GROW A SET and get out of this mess that has been made worse by your actions, that is my message to the current One Big Asinine Mistake America’s Administration, AND it is being made worse by the following Bovine Excrement policies:-

Health Care needs to be changed, agreed, but Government run healthcare is a total disaster and cash cow that we the taxpayer are going to be on the hook for, and when I say on the hook it is beyond your comprehension just how bad that will be.

Cap N Trade would be a joke if it wasn’t so debilitating to the economy

Yes I am only picking two out of many, but these two alone have the capability of turning the United States into a third world country!!

Personally I don’t like to be socially engineered, I don’t like being told which doctor I can see or what drug I can get for whatever illness, next are they telling me what illness i can and cannot get? personally I don’t like being mandated on how I use energy, I am not wasteful with energy, I don’t use it wastefully, so that makes me an individual that conserves energy, and now in Missouri, thanks to our fabulous Governor (sarcasm alert) who wants to charge me and others for conserving energy!!!!! HELLO!!

Back to the economy, these 2 million “green jobs” that are going to be created, created at what cost, the cost of 5 million other jobs or more?? I believe we should be good stewards to our environment but let us be realistic and at this point the One Big Asinine Mistake America Administration is not being realistic and that has been shown in many actions and more importantly our elected officials are NOT ACTING IN OUR BEST INTERESTS!

Let me ask you this, is it in the best interest for us to be paying for jolly flights in Air Force One or paying for someone else's vacation? That’s great economic sense….(another sarcasm alert)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three days of vomit worthy info

With all of the events around the world of the last 3 days what is our oh so wonderful media concentrating on?

So instead of covering real news the American sheeple are subjected to mindnumbing coverage of an individual that had a monkey as a best friend, an individual with numerous accusations of child molestation and the same individual that thinks its OK the have young boys in his bed!

Is this part of the brainnumbing / brainwashing we have to go through in order to dumb down the American psyche, or perhaps even create the next psycho. It is hardly any wonder that the majority cannot even vote for an American President!

Think about what you are watching, not for me(I couldn't care less) but for your own sake and sanity, many people are watching this drivel (not just news either) yet it is against their core beliefs, yet they continue to sit and watch as they continue to get blinder and dumber to the truth..... Wake up people before life has passed you by.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second Letter to Senator Boxer

This is the second letter sent to Senator Boxer, one hopes that there can be a morally correct response to this one.

Dear Senator Boxer,
Thank you for the response dated June 22, 2009, I can say in all humility I was not even expecting a response, but I feel very much short changed in your response and have to ask firstly if Senator Boxer actually typed this or was it a member of staff and even if Senator Boxer actually saw the initial email.
Secondly where was there any kind of apology for these actions? Granted there may have been discussions with Brigadier General Walsh afterwards, but that does not propitiate the contempt and distain you showed to Military personnel as a whole during that hearing. Granted we differ philosophically on most issues, but surely one thing we can agree upon is that the military put themselves on the line daily to protect this fine country that includes you and I, but yet you appear to have no gratitude or respect for such endeavors, which I personally find most abhorrent. You were “elected” to do what? Oh yes, serve, but yet your serving appears to be only of dissent and distain to those who are serving this country.
The question I now pose to you is why will you not apologize publicly to all of those military personnel and veterans that you offended during that hearing? Does pride step into this or do you feel you have not offended? Think of the additional ratings and TV time you may get……
Ethically and Morally I feel you are obliged to apologize and your none doing so merely goes to prove that morals and ethics are not high on your principles.
Once again this letter will be published on my blog at

I received a response!!!!!

I am shocked, stunned and not a little amazed that I actually received a response! and in the interests of fairness, yes I said fairness, as in hearing the other side even if you differ philosophically, perhaps more should be doing this but we digress, below is the letter of response from "Senator" Boxer.

Dear Mr. Martin:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the recent Senate hearing with Brigadier General Michael Walsh. I appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

Shortly after the hearing, I called General Walsh, and we had a friendly and productive conversation. We expressed our respect for one another and our determination to work together to protect our nation and communities from natural disasters.

Thank you again for writing to me. Please feel free to contact me in the future about this or any other issue of concern to you.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

It still falls short of the apology or resignation that I feel should be carried out, and I will respond to this email